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Walmart's mission to have a positive impact amounts to $1.7B dollars contributed to communities through cash grants, product, and volunteerism. All with a broken and siloed program offering that's virtually untapped by their own associates.

Our quest commenced with a clear cut vision—redesign the Philanthropy ecosystem at Walmart, focusing on the existing infrastructure while envisioning an optimal, user-centric model.

It’s Time to Reimagine Philanthropy


Project summary



Internal Team

UX Designers · UX Managers · Product Managers · Tech Managers · Business Representatives · Senior Directors



April 2023 - Present



Lead UX · Facilitator · Researcher


Key Contributions

  • Lead the effort to evaluate, map, and reimagine the Philanthropy experience within Walmart ecosystem

  • Point of contact for subject matter experts and partners

  • Ownership of meetings, initial outreach, and follow-ups 

  • 21 current state user journey maps across 8 programs and 5 personas

  • 21 ideal state user journey maps across 8 programs and 5 personas

  • Insights & recommendations deck

  • High fidelity mock-ups of future screens

We had to decipher the existing Philanthropy ecosystem—pinpointing patterns, redundancies, and rough patches. Leadership was pressuring to create a more impactful philanthropy push, our goal was to paint a vivid picture of the insights to help drive strategic planning and improvements.






We embarked on a meticulous journey of exploring the existing user landscape. Our team dissected the current ecosystem, delving deep into the intricacies of the users' journeys. By placing a magnifying glass on the principal user pathways, we identified persona-driven trends and critical bottlenecks.


The cornerstone of our approach was engaging with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through intensive interviews. This enabled us to comprehend the nuances of both external and internal user touchpoints, highlighting palpable pain points. Our methodical evaluation spotlighted patterns, exposed redundancies, and revealed significant opportunities across programs.


These invaluable insights are now the bedrock for strategic planning, poised to shape the future enhancements of Walmart Foundation's suite of products and services.

Future Vision with Journeys


By creating an revamped Walmart Associate Portal, we hope to create an end-to-end experience. Data would be shared across siloed programs resulting and a data-first system. This portal represents a step towards enriching the associate experience and fostering a culture of giving, aligning with Walmart’s core values of community, collaboration, and transparency.

Inefficient and manual process

Manual data extraction, data scrubbing and data entry creates a tedious process and potential delays

Limited communication and support

Confusing communication and lack of updates stalled application progress on important all stages of approval

Unclear and confusing experience 

Insufficient information and lack of onboarding across all platforms creates clunky application flow and lack of awareness for ongoing campaigns among associates 

Issues with performance analysis and reporting

Difficulty viewing and analyzing performance KPIs on a regular basis leads to errors and inadequate visibility to performance and future planning


Comprehensive onboarding and support

Easy-to-understand tutorials, videos and resources to guide associates through the portal and properly introduce philanthropy programs

Improved communication

Robust ticket level chat and comment functions, upload functions, and branded emails to keep associates informed and engaged

Transparency and engagement

Metrics-based system to showcase donation impact, peer engagement, and overall Walmart organization donation metrics


Improved notification system

Customized notifications for different user levels, progress tracking for approval processes, and automatic updates on payment processing and stalled donations




  • What is my current mantra?
    Wabi-sabi 侘寂[ wah-bee-sah-bee ] Appreciating the beauty in all things that are incomplete, imperfect, and impermanent
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    I build 📠 mechanical keyboards that are as quirky as they are functional. Despite my amusing attempts at 🏐 volleyball, I dive all the way to the doctor's with a 🩻 herniated disc. My 📸 camera is my companion (Fuji X-E4). And I'm a ✏️ pro doodler.
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    Currently I am not taking on any more clients! Get in touch and we can figure out timelines and upcoming availabilities 🤠

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